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Macklemore performs a public service

Finally the hip hop community is stepping up to provide some serious guidance to the millions of men who follow them.  Seattle’s own Macklemore posted this little ditty yesterday encouraging his fellow men to lift the seat, aim and wipe up after themselves.  Finally someone says what the majority of us are thinking.  Here’s to Macklemore and cleaner toilets everywhere.

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A new year for Shortees

480-480-97272C58AA592D2807BD651043A51B65It seems like it has been a year since we were saying that Shortees was going to renew its focus to maintaining our blog and social media.  Well it has been, almost exactly a full year and in that time we put up a mind-boggling one post.  Yes one lousy post.  That was 2013 and it’s an entirely new year with a renewed focus on reaching out to our customers and the entire short men’s community.

Our goals are the same as a year ago, to bring you the information that you need to look your best along with an assortment of other topics of interest to today’s shorter man.  So keep a lookout for regular updates and check out our Facebook page under OriginalShortees for more content.

Short Men Can Look Forward to Having Younger Wives | Dollars and Sex | Big Think

Ok short guys.  Here is some interesting and funny data.  You may not land as many women as your taller friends but you may get the last laugh.

Short Men Can Look Forward to Having Younger Wives | Dollars and Sex | Big Think.

via Short Men Can Look Forward to Having Younger Wives | Dollars and Sex | Big Think.

New York Outdoors Blog gives Shortees some love.

Our friends on the other side of country at New York Outdoors Blog ( were kind enough to help spread the word about Shortees.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Rich and Sue Freeman, the blog authors.  They are a really great couple who followed their passion for outdoor activity and started writing a great series of guide books for hiking, biking, paddling, cross-country skiing/snowshoeing and just about any other outside activity in Central and Western New York State.  You can find their guide books as well as great book stands on their blog or at

Little by little the story of Shortees gets spread around.  Help your 35 million fellow short guys dress better and spread the word yourself.  Maybe you’ll end up getting featured on

The San Francisco Chronicle Style section gives Shortees some love

Shortees CEO’s big idea: T-shirts for short guys

Dino-Ray Ramos, Special to The Chronicle

Sunday November27, 2011

New Jersey native Seth Levinsky founded Shortees after receiving his MBA from San Jose State University. His company’s shirts, available online, are several inches shorter than typical T-shirts, and the armholes, sleeves and shoulders are adjusted accordingly.

Seth Levinsky, a personal trainer from Campbell, used to spend hours at the mall – not because he was enjoying the sights and sounds but because he was shopping for the perfect T-shirt for his shorter stature.

He would walk away with nothing but a pair of socks and underwear. He was frustrated. Thus, his quest became clear: He needed to create the perfect T-shirt for shorter men so that they could be their best and never have to settle for ill-fitting clothes.

He needed to create Shortees.

“The No. 1 mission of Shortees is to manufacture better-fitting clothes designed specifically for men 5 feet 8 and under,” says Levinsky. “A secondary mission is to empower shorter men to feel proud and comfortable with whom they are. Being short should be seen as a point of pride, an asset. I want to see women writing personal ads that read, ‘looking for a short guy …’ ”

A New Jersey native, Levinsky came to California for an MBA at San Jose State University, then spent two years researching business ideas. He thought about Internet-based businesses, since he was living in Silicon Valley, but didn’t have the skills to write code or to raise boatloads of money.

When the dust settled, the idea for Shortees shone the brightest, so in 2007 he took the idea and ran. He poured 15 years of savings into Shortees, but he had a couple of hurdles to jump. He had no experience or training in the apparel industry, and absolutely no contacts to get his idea off the ground. It was, as he says, a comedy of errors.

“The story about how difficult it actually was to launch Shortees would take a long time to tell,” Levinsky says. “Every time I thought I found someone who could help solve a problem or get something done for us, they turned out to be the wrong person and slowed us down by a few months. What should have been a six-month development took closer to three years.”

Levinsky defines 5 feet 8 and under as “short,” the height of the target Shortees customer. Through his research, Levinsky, who is 5 feet 5 1/2 inches, says that 1 of every 4 men – approximately 35 million men – falls into this category.

That’s a lot of Shortees.

“The solution that other companies give customers is that if they need a shorter length, they should get a smaller size,” Levinsky says. “If you need a large shirt to fit your torso, there is no way you can squeeze into a small, and even then the shirts are still way too long.”

This is why the primary feature of a Shortees shirt is the length. Whereas most T-shirts are 28.5 to 31 inches long, Shortees shirts are cropped at either 25 or 26.5 inches. Shortees also redesigned the average T-shirt so that the shape and size of the armholes, the length of the sleeves, and the angle of the shoulder are adjusted to better fit a shorter body.

Shortees has a large potential customer base, and so far, the shirts have gotten some return customers and positive response. Levinsky’s customers have been giving feedback such as “Wow, a T-shirt that actually fits me. Thank you! I’ll be purchasing all my T-shirts through you from now on” and “The shirts fit me perfectly, and I would like to replace my entire shirt lineup with them.”

Needless to say, his online-only company has only scratched the surface of an expansive market that includes solid-colored and graphic T-shirts, the latter being fairly new for Shortees.

“I can go online and find new T-shirt companies every day. There is no shortage of them, and everyone thinks it’s an easy business to go into,” Levinsky says. “What I really hope is that one day these other companies will print their designs on Shortees shirts and make a properly fitting version of their designs available to the 25 percent of the male population they are ignoring. They are missing a lot of potential business.”

Levinsky would like to have a brick-and-mortar storefront eventually. He thinks it would be ideal for someone to be able to have the choice to shop online or go into a local boutique to pick up a supply of shirts.

The primary focus for their first year was launching the company and doing the best possible job serving customers. Now that that has been established, Levinsky says he’s ready to partner with retailers that want to tap into this segment of customers that they have been missing.

“Amazing things are in the future for Shortees,” Levinsky says. “(I want to) make sure more people learn about Shortees and that they can finally have a great-looking shirt that fits.”

For more information on Shortees, go to

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