fashion, lifestyle, dating and humor for the average guy


Welcome to the blog sphere home of Shortees Inc. 

Lets answer some of your obvious questions.

What is Shortees?  It’s a clothing company dedicated to designing and producing clothes that fit men 5’8″ and under. 

Is that really such a problem that we need yet another company making t-shirts and other basics?  YES!  More than 25% of all men are 5’8″ or under. In the US alone, that’s almost 35 million men who have been settling for clothes that don’t fit them. That’s no small number.

What am I going to find on the ShorteesStyle blog besides endless self promotion for your products?  Yes you will find lots of shameless self promotion but you will also find tons more.  Well at least with time you will.  In addition to featuring Shortees specific content we’re going to write about men’s fashion in general.  The good, the bad and the ridiculous.  We’ll toss in some grooming and style tips, good for the taller as well as shorter guy.  Marinate it with a little commentary on women, dating and other issues that matter to everyday guys.  Mix it all together and add a healthy dose of our patent pending, universally recognized, world renowned, generally underappreciated opinion and you’ve got ShorteesStyle.


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