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The Gap drops Piperlime

piperlime logoGap logo

In 1969 Don Fisher started The Gap for a simple reason.  He could not find jeans that fit (sounds familiar).  Today The Gap consists of 6 brands, almost 3,700 stores, 150,000 employees and more than $16 billion in revenue.  Soon enough The Gap will be back down to 5 brands.

Gap announced that is will be dropping its Piperlime brand and focusing on continuing to grow its Athleta brand, a direct competitor to industry leader Lululemon, along with reinvigorating its namesake The Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy brands.  Piperlime, with only $100 million in revenues represents a tiny drop in the bucket for The Gap.  Hard to believe that a $100 brand can be considered a throw away, drop in the bucket.

This isn’t the first time The Gap has closed or sold off another brand.  Anyone remember Hemisphere or Forth & Towne?  Or that The Gap used to own Pottery Barn?


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