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Eytys. Hitting the mark or better left in the past?


I recently discovered the Swedish sneaker brand Eytys (pronounced like the decade, 80’s).  I was attracted to the minimalist, utilitarian aspect of the initial product, “Mother”.  A basic, single color sneaker with a fat white sole.  Basic, straight forward and understated simplicity.  Built to be comfortable and versatile.  Plus they come from a small privately owned company and we always like people who take the dive to make their dream products.

The Mother is made in canvas, suede and leather, priced from $150 to $230.  Eytys also produces a high top for $300.  All a little on the pricey side.  Especially for something so straight forward but in a world where most quality training sneakers cost $750-$150 its not insane.

 In a little over a year, Jonathan Hirschfeld and Max Schiller have managed to turn their fledgling Swedish sneaker brand, Eytys (pronounced ’80s’ and spelled with Ys in reference to Generation Y), into a growing cult sensation set to generate €2 million (about $2.5 million) in revenue in 2014. This is surprising, considering that, until very recently, Eytys made only one product: a unisex platform sneaker with a significantly thick rubber and cork sole and a minimal upper that looks like a ubiquitous deck shoe. This model, the “Mother,” gleans its maternal name from its “mothership” status as the label’s first foray into footwear.

To read the entire article from The Business of Fashion:

Has anyone tried them?  Let us know what you think.


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