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Men’s pants are getting to tight and short.

The Washington Post’s Robin Givhan gives up a well summed up look at the state of the ever shrinking men’s pant.  We agree fully with her, slimmer cuts are a good thing but taken to far is just well, to far.  Unless you are wearing shorts we don’t want to see your ankles when you are standing up and we certainly don’t want to be able to tell if you are circumcised through your pants.  If you are short it’s even more important to make sure you have the right cut.  If you pants are to short and start showing off to much ankle it will only make you look shorter.  And while to baggy of a cut will be unflattering, there is huge difference between slim and tight.

This is the era of ever-shrinking men’s trousers — they are tailored and shorter, tighter and shrunken, too tight and too short. And even occasionally veering into: Pitbull, exactly how are you breathing in those high-­waisted white pants?

The look of menswear changes at a snail’s pace, and sometimes it takes years before a not-at-all outlandish idea trickles from the runways, which are now hosting the spring 2015 collections, to the mass market. But when a fashion idea finally reaches the vast middle ground, it tends to stay a while, putting down roots in the menswear landscape.

Thus we are deep in fashion’s equivalent of an old-growth forest — surrounded by men in aggressively tailored pants.

The ubiquity of this trend, even in offices far away from the expected crucibles of creativity, had an executive at a Maryland real estate development firm recently marveling, with some chagrin, that the men in her office were given to wearing particularly close-fitting trousers, which she described as “tight.” While that is a judgment call, it’s true that the cut of men’s pants — the more fashionable cut, that is — has gotten snugger, much snugger than what it was back when Giorgio Armani’s loose Italian tailoring defined power and President Bill Clinton was wearing roomy Donna Karan suits.

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Bad Fashion: Bottle Rock 2014 edition

A little to coordianted

A little to coordinated

The summer festival season is upon us.  That means warm summer days, cold beer and a few outfits worth raising an eyebrow over.  This summer the Shortees team hit Bottle Rock in Napa California and we weren’t disappointed, in the music or the fashion.  While we weren’t able to capture every outrageous look, here are a few items that caught our attention.

Our opening look is quite the stunner.  We are always captivated but never impressed by the onsie look or those who take matching to an extreme.  Yes your friends can find you in a crowd but do they really want to?

A little to much national pride

A little to much national pride




Ok we get it.  You love the USA.  Maybe you should love it a bit more and not sit on it Malph.  And if you get that reference perhaps you to have a neon tank top in the bottom of your dresser drawer. (Yes Weezer did play and while it took 45 minutes for us to realize they weren’t animatrons, they sounded great)




These next two gentleman were kind enough to spend a set or two reminding us why there is a certain population of men that would rather not associate with.  I’m sure they spend their days comparing card stock and perfecting their Christian Bale American Psycho impersonations.  We all felt sorry for the girls in their group.

Bottle Rock 2014 American Psycho 1

Bottle Rock 2014 American Psycho 2









There is so much wrong with their shorts.  One highlighting a pair of Izod pants that look they were stolen from his grandfathers closet and the other still clinging to the notion that they can make tight jean shorts cool again.  Both failing miserably.  As for the fanny packs.  It doesn’t matter how ironically, throwback cool you think they are, just throw them away.

We wouldn’t forget the ladies.  While events such as this are an opportunity to pull out your wildest costumes, and we often appreciate it, sometimes it would just be better to pull it back a bit.

Bottle Rock 2014 bad girls fashion

The latest in apparel materials.

            First came polyester.  Then Lycra.  Then Gore-Tex.  Now there are new fibers and materials finally making their way into clothing thanks to a renewed interest in material technology by both major brands and small start-ups.

PALO ALTO, United States — When Patagonia was in search of an eco-conscious alternative to neoprene, it considered wool. But then the outdoor apparel company came across Yulex, an Arizona-based supplier of latex-free rubber. Though the start-up was primarily focused on the commodities market, it had the tools to develop wetsuits that rivalled the performance, insulation capacity, stretch and durability of those made with traditional neoprene, but were better for the environment. Over a four-year period, Patagonia shouldered the costs of product development and guided Yulex on the needs of its consumers. By the end of 2013, the unlikely pair launched a plant-based wetsuit, using a desert shrub native to North America, on Patagonia’s website and in a limited number of surf shops. Shortly thereafter, the license was opened to the rest of the market.

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