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Nike FuelBand is on the way out


Wearable technology is one of the biggest trends headed our way.  Before long there will be an onslaught of shirts that can read your heart rate and other vital measures.  This year we are going to see the first of a long list of Apple and Android watches.  One of the most surprising pieces of recent news is the demise of the Nike FuelBand.

Fitness trackers like the Fitbit, Jawbone and FuelBand were the early and leading contenders in the world of wearable technology designed to make us healthier and fitter.  The rumored end of the Nike FuelBand shouldn’t be a big surprise.  Nike doesn’t want to go to battle with Google and Apple and conveniently, Apple CEO Tim Cook, a former FuelBand wearer has been on the Nike Board of Directors for nine years.  Apparently Nike is going to focus on creating software that will work with other manufacturers hardware.  Not only does this take away the challenge of competing in the hardware space off of Nike’s plate, it allows them to reach a much broader customer base in more effective ways to extend their brand.

To learn more about Nike’s change in strategy read the latest from CNET:


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