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Bad Fashion: South Lake Tahoe Ski Edition

Fashion rules on the mountain are a bit different than other places.  Skiers and snowboarders have their own set of rules and they often include looks and styles that wouldn’t be considered appropriate anywhere off the slopes.  Bizarre patterns and loud colors often work wonderfully on the slopes in ways they don’t work on the street.  That said, there are still looks that don’t belong anywhere and in that spirit we bring you today’s bad fashion: South Lake Tahoe edition.

Don't get caught looking like this, anywhere.

Don’t get caught looking like this, anywhere.

Despite an exceptionally lax set of rules on the mountain that allows tremendous freedom for individual expression some people still get it totally wrong.  This poor fellow thought his bad holiday pajamas would make us all smile on the mountain.  Unfortunately he was wrong.  Very, very wrong.  This photo doesn’t begin to capture the tie dye nightmare that was his shirt.  A combination of patterns that is beyond unforgivable.

Hey bro, I'm awesome.

Hey bro, I’m awesome.

Off the mountain casual fashion continues to rule.  Everyone is tired, dirty and just wants to eat and have a beer.  That said there are still some basic standards that should be followed and our friend above didn’t get the memo.  He may think he is fabulous but that brings the number of people who do to just one.  Yes he’s a bro and that means a blissful ignorance of what anyone else in the world thinks except for your fellow bros who are lost in a cloud of self-induced awesomeness but it’s not an excuse.  This shot was caught at a  South Lake casino during Saturday nights MMA matches.  While it may be exceptionally warm for March, sweatpants shorts, a pinkish tank top and sandals  have no business being out of the drawer let alone put together.  This is a sad case of “I’m awesome and want everyone to know it” and as usual, a monumental failure.  Don’t even get started with the hat of irony.  Its anything but a statement piece with the exception of saying please give me attention because my personality doesn’t deserve it on its own.  Its one look to absolutely not follow.

Acid wash gone horribly wrong

Acid wash gone horribly wrong

I apologize for the poor quality of this pic but it’s good enough to introduce a topic that I’m sure we will revisit, again and again.  There was a time when acid wash jeans were the thing.  Nothing spelled cool more than just the right fade and wash on a pair of well-worn jeans.  Acid wash was a signature look of the late 80s and has been on a comeback but like most things, less is more and some brands have just gotten it all wrong.  Today’s sample shows what happens when acid wash goes bad.

Three looks to avoid at all costs.  You’ve been warned.


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