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A fashion don’t. Leave the Short-Suit on the red carpet.

Pharrell Williams In A Short Tuxedo Suit - The Oscars 2014

It’s warm in California.  Shorts weather warm.  Out here we love these warm early March days when you can leave the fleece at home and roll down the car windows.    In fact it may be a little to warm and dry.  While we are short on rain, we aren’t low on bad fashion styles.  This weeks comes to us courtesy of Pharrell Williams at last weekends’ Academy Awards.  Pharrell tried to parlay his growing celebrity status into establishing credibility for a fringe fashion look.  And no matter how much listening to “Happy” makes me happy, nothing is going to make the shorts-suit look acceptable.

Recently at, Matt Allinson wrote a nice post in defense of the short-suit,  Allinson writes

One path is encouraging us to emulate the 1950s and develop a timeless personal style that will transcend the next fifty years. The other desperately wants to find new ways to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of stylish gentlemen. And the short suit does just that.

He hits the nail on the head regarding the challenge between having a classic, lasting personal style that never falls out of style and the desire to stand out and express your individuality.  However in our humble opinion, he over-reaches in describing the short-suit as classic with a twist.

For the shorter man, the shorts-suit is an exceptionally bad choice.  Consider it a fast track to looking like you are dressed as an English school boy.  Unless your name is Angus Young and you can rock there is just no reason to attempt this style don’t.

Are there any exceptions?  Of course.  If you are in Bermuda feel free to adopt the local style, so long as you leave it on the island when you depart.  Perhaps if you are an early 20s Bro with a an over-active sense of self-worth and lack of awareness you could attempt the look but be warned, it will fail and only your obliviousness to anyone but yourself will protect your fragile ego.

So be warned.  No matter what celebrity style you wish to emulate, this is one look to leave on the red carpet.


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2 thoughts on “A fashion don’t. Leave the Short-Suit on the red carpet.

  1. katrinalouis3 on said:

    Pharell has really been trying to create some sort of fashion staple and they haven’t been working out.
    Please, leave the shorts for a non-formal event. And leave the Arbys hat at home.

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