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Knit soccer boots taking over the pitch


March is a big month for both Nike and Adidas as they are set to launch their latest in footwear technology on the soccer pitch.  With the upcoming releases of the Adidas Samba Primeknit and Nike Magista, knitted athletic footwear is primed to be the next big thing.

Nike applies their flyknit woven upper currently featured in their running sneaker line in combination with a NikeSkin outer layer.

Adidas promises a second-skin like fit that utilizes a one-piece knitted upper featuring a high precision coating that provides the strength, protection and waterproofing of a conventional boot.

Knitted elements are popping up more and more in the Nike and Adidas lines. Following the movement towards minimalist footwear, knitted uppers claim to fit more like a sock while the fabrics have been engineered to not only have the necessary durability and support but also offer flexibility, breathability and a more custom fit.

What have your experiences with knitted athletic footwear been?  Let the ShorteesStyle community know.


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2 thoughts on “Knit soccer boots taking over the pitch

  1. how dirty would these get !!? i have a hard enough time keeping my leather ones clean ! haha love the look though . i have the nike free flyknit running shoes and i love them ! i love a barefoot training feel . i doubt this knit is for much more than aesthetics though .

  2. Well Nike and Adidas both claim that the new fabric will hold up to the weather and wear and tear. I assume they were well tested but we will see. They love to market the improved feel and fit but most people already wear boots that are on the tight side so I’m not sure how much of a difference it will make. It won’t improve my game, though I may look better. It might be time to retire my blue puma boots and spring for some Adidas.

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