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Bad Fashion. Meggings just don’t measure up.

‘There's no reason why guys should resort to squeezing into ladies' leggings, or trying to make their athletic pants work outside of the gym,’ the folks at Meggings Man Clothing said.One of our favorite things to do here at Shortees Style  is to look at some of the more interesting options that are available for today’s fashion conscious consumer.  Now we know that there are other people out there looking at Shortees and laughing but they simply don’t understand the apparel challenge of being a guy under 5’8″.  And while these other companies are someone’s vision, their baby, we still can’t help but scratch our heads sometimes.  Recently on the OriginalShortees Facebook page we highlighted some looks from the recent London Men’s fashion week where a few designers decided that today’s man needs to dress likebad maggings red 2010’s women.  It was downright scary.  Today we discovered another look that we are strongly going to suggest that unless you are a rock star, you should probably skip, Meggings.

Overly tight mens jeans are a bad enough hipster curse on society.  Meggings are just plain cruel.  Even if you are packing enough heat to make it worth showing off, it’s just not necessary.  Yes women can get away with wearing tights of various types.  And yes many of them really should be left in the drawer but men, really, do we need this.  Absolutely not.


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