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To pop or not to pop, that is the question.

Today a topic that has received lots of debate over the years, should you pop the collar on a polo shirt (or any shirt for that matter).  A few weeks ago the New York Times style section wrote an article about Brooks Brothers and commented on how strongly BB supported popping your collar.  Every display in their store proudly featured a popped collar.  Well that was enough evidence for me to fully endorse the policy of NEVER pop your collar. Even if you can afford to shop at BB there is no reason to advertise to the world that your daddy ignored you as a child and you can afford to spend 5 x more than an item is worth.

Let’s face it, collar popping went out of style back when James Spader was still playing the teenage rich kid douche bag back in the 80s.  Today’s comparison is any male cast member on Jersey Shore.   The only thing worse than a popped collar is a double popped collar.  Whoever came up with the layered polo shirt double collar pop deserves a special place in fashion hell.

The only exception to collar popping is for outerwear when you are outside and it is windy and cold.  Unless you are Dracula,  keep those collars down.


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